3 Week Diet System

3 Week Diet System

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How to Lose 5 Kg in 3 Weeks?

New Year favors provisions, which mostly relate to lifestyle changes. We promise ourselves that we will be more practice, go on a diet, and catch up on reading... Persevere in the provisions is not easy, but you need to try. If your goal is to drop a few kilos to read my guide on how to lose 5 kg in 3 weeks.

How you can lose weight fast?
First of all, forget about fasting. If you want to lose five kilograms in three weeks, you have to slightly change your lifestyle. Your goal is to use a proper diet and regular physical activity.

Eat regularly, preferably every 3 hours. During the day, eat 5 meals. If you eat less, your metabolism slows down. What should your diet? Do not drink alcohol, avoid salt and sweets, and processed foods.

In your menu should include products such as dairy, eggs, vegetables, lean meat, fruit, still water, fruit teas, and green tea. Daily consume between 1300-1400 calories. Before meals reach for a cold glass of still water.

We need to refute several myths about weight loss. First, the light products are not as healthy. Usually in their composition we can find a large amount of sugar, so before buying this type of product, read the label carefully. A better solution would be while eating less than usual quark his version of light.

Do not avoid carbohydrates. When you do, after finishing the diet awaits you yo-yo effect. What to do? Use replacements! Instead of white bread reach for whole grain products. Eat porridge, brown rice. Of course, take care of the appropriate size portions ;-)

Find out more information about 3 week diet program by Brian flatt here: http://brian3weekdiet.com/

Objective - To lose 5 kg weight
Nutritionists believe that a healthy weight loss process involves weight loss of 1, 5 kg per week. It is known that each of us has a different body and metabolism. Using the same diet one of us lose weight 5 kg and the other 3. I recommend you the menu.

It has been tested by people with my family and I have to admit that this diet works

Meal on a smaller plate
When meal on a smaller plate, it will be seem that the portion is larger. On the other hand - as some scientists - using blue or red tableware causes that eat smaller amounts of food. Although treat such information with a grain of salt, it is worth it sometimes to test. Also, make sure not to eat meals while watching TV. In this way you eat larger portions.

Physical activity
Exercise regularly. Run, do push-ups, crunches. Sign up for a swimming pool. You should exercise 45 minutes to your actions take effect. If you do not have the motivation to exercise, take classes together with a friend. Remember that your body after exercise will demand food. So it's good that determine the hours of training, not to throw up on food before going to sleep. Last meal to eat 3 hours before bedtime.

3 Week Diet System vs Fat Diminisher
The 3 week diet system created by Brian Flatt is one of the popular methods for weight loss. In comparison to 3 week diet, Wes Virgin’s Fat Diminisher is also comparable. The program uses natural diet methods to lose weight in few weeks. You will be able to find plenty of reviews about both these programs. Each of these has its own pros and cons. You can easily lose 5 kg or 10 pounds of weight using any of these systems.